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E2441T-BN 신선하다 LED!

모니터느님을 교체해 주었어요.\r
받침대 부분이랑 목 연결 부분이 다소 불안하지만 쓰는데 문제는 없을듯 합니다.\r
일단 넉넉한 화면하 LG의 브랜드 네임을 믿고 샀으니 기대해봅니다.\r
집에서 연결해 보니 예쁘게 나오드라구요\r
호호홍 대만족 집에서 쓰던 작은 모니터보다 가볍고....\r
무튼 추후에 AS던지 이런저런걸 감안해서 산거라 \r
옳은 선택이었기를 바래요

#0015 - LG E2441V-BN 24inch LED 1080p Widescreen Monitor - Unboxing

Quite a nice 1080p monitor if I do say so myself, the colours are epic right out of the box
ToxicVV : 2:39 how do i remove the stand once its in?
junfeng fan : hdmi interface not work,why?
MrVDawid : 2:56 thin?! like a fist
Davor : This LG or Samsung S24B350TL ?
The Perchable : How much was this?

Gregory : you can get it at future shop if you have one, i just got one yesterday, now i must wait for all my computer parts to arrive :)
Emmers0n11 : Is it compatible with mac tho? I have a Mac mini and it has a hdmi port but I'm wary because of the windows 7 compatible long there
Matthew Hunt : just brought this one off ebuyer yesterday: :)
LG 24EN43VS-B 24 LED LCD 24" HDMI Monitor
Wrightacus : yes you wont see the change
Zenobius : Really nice and thin? No not with that 10cm of plastic bulging out the middle back.

Review. LG Flatron E2441, Samsung S24D390, Samsung S24D590L

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