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Очень долго не занимался подобным, вышло хуже чем обычно (на мой взгляд). Некоторые фразы звучат совсем отвратно, ютуб своей "нормализацией" постарался. Тем не менее, многие этого ждали, так что наслаждайтесь :)

Гачи ремикс на трек Robbie Williams - Party Like A Russian
WertyRG : Снимаю my fucking pants перед автором...
FemDom Deanon : 1:00 - celebrate*
Deanabia : Это прекрасно...
sxs890 : Квадра гениален. просто лучший гачимиксер эвер.
Максим Салтыков : Вот как должны праздновать настоящие славяне!
Дарья Иванова : Тебя смотрел сам lancer hard
Colt : Ну почему так мало просмотров и лайков, реально ведь годный продукт from ♂️master♂️
There's a ♂️gay♂️, inside a ♂️gay♂️, inside a ♂️gay♂️, inside a ♂️college boy♂️ - смеялись всей ♂️dungeon♂️
Starlight : Могу предложить какую нибудь песню Muse
qweyrbn : Селебрейт энд сак сом дик
Umnia report : Гимн РНГ

FIPA Varioflex Suction Cups

Wear-resistant bellows suction cups for abrasive products!

The new suction cups from FIPA GmbH ( made from the Varioflex® material offer a two-layer construction for optimal sealing and a long cycle life. The robust Varioflex® cups cover a wide range of automation applications in which high resistance to mechanical abrasion, oil and ozone is required.

The bellows suction cups with 1.5 or 2.5 folds are made from a wear-resistant special polyurethane, which combines a stable body (black, 60° Shore) with a soft, flexible sealing lip (red, 30° Shore).

FIPA Varioflex® vacuum cups at a glance:
- Long service life
- The strong body with 60° Shore is characterized by its excellent ability to reset itself and its high level of stability.
- The soft yet extremely wear-resistant sealing lip (30° Shore) offers the highest level of flexibility when handling uneven, rough or textured products.
- The Varioflex® vacuum cups are silicone-free and extremely low-marking, and are thus are ideal for products that are still being coated or that have already undergone surface finishing


Suction Cup Man Theme Song! (Available on iTunes and Bandcamp)

A full version of the Suction Cup Man song that plays during the credits!
---- Bandcamp and iTunes links below! ----

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Voice of Suction Cup Man
ProBluesPlayer -

Blake "ShadyVox" Swift -

Benjamin Kahan (DoubleAAntics) -

Additional Vocals - Foxy Lee -

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Engi neer : "And then he started to climb a tower, the funniest shit i've ever seen"
Gamer Zita : SO COOL!

Noah Crose : Piemation
zrtaylor foxy : me: mom can we get spider man
mom: we have spider man at home
spider man at home:
Fireprober Returns : Where is this but megalovania
suction cup man : DO NOT TEST MY SUCKING POWER - suction cup man
Dylan TV : Funniest part is at the end where he just screams FUCK!
Rylan Rader : I love the song so much btw do you have any more pie
Wuft Chan : Robots: his name is Sphven~
Conner Scoggins : HIS NAME IS MAN!




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