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Why Mānuka Honey Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Mānuka honey known for being is earthier, richer, and more viscous than many other honeys. It comes from the nectar of the flower of Leptospermum scoparium — also known as Manuka, which is only native to New Zealand. Mānuka, in fact, is a Maori word.

"The plant itself is very rare. It's difficult to harvest because the flower is only open for 12 days, and sometimes we have to use helicopters to collect this honey." John Rawcliffe from the Mānuka Factor Honey Association told Business Insider.

Although mānuka bushes can also be found in Australia, New Zealand accounts for almost all the world's production, with exports worth 300 million NZ dollars ($204m) and expected to rise to 1.2 billion NZ ($800m) by 2028. 

Watch the video to find out what's so special about it and why it costs so much.

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Why Mānuka Honey Is So Expensive | So Expensive
Bad Tiger : So we are paying for all the lab tests, ok gotcha.
Potato Potato : New Zealander here. Manuka is pronounced maanookah, and Maori is pronounced maahori (roll the r)
Alexa Chessari : Most expensive honey in the world is Centauri Honey , by Ahmet Eren Cakir around 29500 Usd 1 Kilograms . Its from Turkey, Crazy price but people are buying it.
klajdi mucka : Manuka honey is a business , multi million dollar business. It’s a good quality but not the best.
Francis Sagneus : You think Manuka honey is expensive? Try black tualang honey...
iiGodking-X Gaming : Winnie the poo enters the chat. Lol
Saibal Ghosh : rick people has different problems
M.Gladiator : Is there any evidence of the strong believing of it's ability to cure h.pylore stomach disease
phillip mak : Not as expensive nor as good / beneficial as Yemen Cave honey. Australasia always think they produce the best of the world
Nope Epon : Damn these are some fire dabs

Top 10 Manuka Honey Brands 2019

In this video, we explain the benefits of Manuka Honey and the top brands of manuka honey.
MrCountBleck1 : Its not from bees!
>All brands using bees
Mommy's Vlog : Will manuka honey kill H.Pylori?
bahar remal :
Victoria Francis : Manukahoney is nothing but only syrub feeded bees . Dangerous for cancer patients . Bees will never make tones of honey . And Newzeland flora is so bad they have the 2 nd highrs cancer rate in the world . Manuka honey can't even help own people
1Drummer : Good Natured is from Australia; doesn’t it matter whether Australia or New Zealand? How could Good Natured Manuka be “indigenous” if Manuka is from New Zealand?‍♂️
xz a : Many experts in UK, USA.. said Manuka honey is the biggest scamm ever. %80 of it is fake. Buy your local honey
Bokhalid al3nizy : Beware umf is a commercial cheat and trick your health is in danger ....
Contrary to popular belief, there are currently no official standards regarding the labeling of manuka honey and UMF is just a trademark not an approved rating system or a rating system we follow. However, the New Zealand Government is in the process of working on labeling guidelines.
Unfortunately, as the popularity of manuka honey has increased so have issues surrounding purity of the product. It has been discovered that it is possible to artificially increase one component in the honey methylglyoxal (MG), by feeding the chemical DHA to the bees or heating the honey - a very deceptive and unethical practice. Research shows that high levels of this chemical may also be toxic to living cells and detrimental to diabetics.
((diabete(.)diabetesjournals(.)org/content/55/5/1289(.)abstract)) << Remove the brackets
Tima : What abut manuka from Austrailia there a war between newzeland and ausrailia which one shuld we buy
natalie henry : Where is the best place to buy manuka honey in England
Zafftravelbite Qatar : This is what I used and really good

The buzz about super-food Manuka honey

The New Zealand super-food is touted by celebrities and doctors for its healing properties, but some retailers may not be selling authentic Manuka honey.
Stop Some Guy without a moustache : Normal honey: Nike
Manuka honey: Gucci
Hfhgg Hgjjv : Dam how much I hate the kardashans, I came here for the honey not for their bull crap
Victoria Francis : Manuka honey is nothing but syrub feeded bees . Dangerous for cancer patients. Tones of manuka honey . People don't know bees will never make tones of honey
juzzybot : I'm so glad they're showing American consumers the UMF logo to check for fakes! Australia is trying to get a chunk of the market by selling manuka honey, it's actually spelled Mānuka, so some of their honeys are slipping under the radar. Remember guys, look for the line above the first a (ā) and the UMF logo and you'll know it's real
savageinshape : it costs 12 times more than acacia honey. It has 12 times stronger antibacterial properties? DOES IT REALLY? IS IT PROVEN?
Michael Monarca : another marketing gimmicks! blah blah blah... all natural honey are the best,..
Esports Women : - be curious.
adams trasd : I was slathered with manuka honey by my Maori hosts when I had a bad sunburn visiting NZ. Thought it was ridiculous but the swelling/redness from the sunburn disappeared within a couple hours. Mind blown.
Alex Vlaxos : Thyme honey also.Try Greek honey




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